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                                                                                                                                   26 April 2016

When my husband and I built our new home/bed & breakfast in Livingston, Montana, we moved from a 1,000 square foot home to one that was a bit over 6,000. We had been planning and saving for years, but the task of furnishing/decorating was daunting and often seemed overwhelming. Neither of us had lived in a new home and we knew that we didn’t want a new home filled with new things. We were afraid it would feel soul-less and empty. We had been in Out of the Blue Antiques many times prior to construction and purchased items here and there (for specific and non-specific purposes within the not-yet-built structure). With each visit, we’d share a little more of our vision with Kathryn… and every now and then we’d hear from her, “I think I’ve found the perfect piece for…. (fill in the blank).” Without fail, she nailed it. We’ve been in our new home for a year now, and it is impossible to look around without seeing something from Out of the Blue Antiques. It is a look that is warm, collected (yet curated), interesting, functional and eye-catching. Kathryn’s keen eye and small town sensibility were a key factor in making our house a home. We’re so grateful for her store on Main Street, Livingston, Montana… and we never pass up an opportunity to stop in and see what’s new.

Donald Zanoff
Mick Burlington
A Stone’s Throw Bed and Breakfast
105 S 5th St, Livingston, MT 59047










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