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Estate Sales and Purchasing Estates

Preparing and holding a true estate sale is a full time job. It can be truly be overwhelming for non-professionals to organize, let alone run. If you are seriously considering holding and estate sale yourself, first factor in your sentimentality, time and difficult family dynamics.


As one would expect, most laymen (and this includes attorneys, CPA’s, trustees, etc.) have absolutely no idea what items are worth in terms of the secondary market. We have found that when family members attempt to conduct their own sales, they either vastly over-price or ridiculously under-price the majority of their household possessions. There is no doubt there is a greater perceived value when a professional conducts an estate sale.


Additionally, if your home is on the market, estate sales bring hundreds of people through a property over any given weekend. That is a lot of free marketing! Our estate sales have indirectly sold homes over the years. 


When an estate sale isn’t right for you...

Sometimes an estate sale or an auction is just too invasive or too public of an event for a family or situation. Out Of The Blue will consider purchasing all of the items from your estate. By selling your items outright, your privacy is assured and the negotiated price is guaranteed.

If you decide to sell your estate outright, be assured all of the items will be responsibly resold, donated or recycled.



In either case, at the end of a one of our projects, all of the packing and moving is handled for you and the property is left “broom clean”.


  "Kathryn’s service was exemplary in every way and a very great blessing to our family during a very difficult time. Her communication regarding every detail was timely and clear, she was very willing to deal with everything in the home (from the very valuable to the mundane), and her encouraging attitude along with promptness of action made what at first seemed like an overwhelming task almost painless for us."
                                            -Andrew Pudewa

  Kathryn Bornemann has proven to be one of the most important and effective resource. Her sustained efforts, intelligent judgment, reliable work ethic and solid gold integrity were gifts of unparalleled worth."


                                                  - T. Gabriel

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